Full & Partial Rewires

Every house will require a rewire at some point in its life, either due to deterioration of the cabling through age/misuse or if there are a number of safety concerns. Older houses in the U.K tend to be wired in rubber/fabric insulated cabling or lead sheathed cables, these types should be rewired immediately as the insulation can become brittle and give rise to the likelihood of a fire or electric shock.

Also newer style PVS cables can deterioration with age/misuse or if the installer had not designed/installed the circuits correctly in the first place. It is usually not possible to see this deterioration visibly so it is recommended that an Inspection is carried out to determine the condition of the installation. This will give an overall assessment of the electrical safety and whether or not any rewiring is needed.

Another reason for rewiring your house can be if your current wiring contains no C.P.C (earth conductor). This was particularly common in houses that were wired to previous, now outdated regulations (pre 1966). It is always recommended to have these installations rewired where possible to raise the level of electrical safety.

Having no earth wires present on a circuit can be dangerous as any fault that may develop has know where for the electricity to flow down to blow the fuse. So if for instance a live wire touches the metal casing on an accessory it would be live if touched and could cause a fatal shock.

J R Electrical carry out both full and partial rewires of properties from small to large dwellings/flats. We undertake both budget conscious to high end projects. All projects can be tailored to your requirements. Our main aim is to improve electrical safety in your property to an exceptionally safe level.

A new 17th Edition RCD Consumer Unit (fuse box) will be fitted as standard and upgrade your earth bonding to current regulations. All new circuits installed will be fully tested and you will receive an Electrical Installation Certificate and a Part P Certificate to ensure you everything complies with the current building regulations