Garden Electrics & Lighting

We provide outside lighting and power, whether it be a simple outside water resistant socket to fully automated outdoor control systems, automated gate opening systems, large pond pump U.V filter systems, L.E.D lighting control and automatic plant watering systems. All projects can be tailored to your design specifications and requirements.

We can provide power and lighting to any out house building you may have. Garages, sheds often require this as many of these are used as workshops nowadays. Usually an armoured cable supply will be run out to these buildings from your main consumer unit to a separate smaller RCD fuseboard mounted inside the out house. This will allow you to reset any fuse tripping locally without having to go into the house to reset any fuses. We mainly use impact resistant accessories, for instance metal clad sockets and switches for this type of environment as things can get easily damaged when items are moved around.

The use of decorative lighting can be a nice feature in a garden particularly for parties or relaxation. Coloured L.E.D lighting installed flush on decking or stone will add a magical illumination to your garden. These lights are highly resistant to water being fully sealed and can even be walked/driven over with no problems. Also wall up/down lighters mounted on external brick walls are popular giving an ambient glow to fascias. If your outdoor lighting will be on for long periods, it is a good idea to use energy saver light accessories. This type of lighting will only consume minimum amounts of electricity and will reduce the cost of your electricity bill.

Heating is also popular, whether it be for greenhouses to keep the frost away from plants or in garages to stop a car battery going flat due to poor outside weather conditions. Both of these can be controlled via a frost stat so that the heating is only provided at certain temperatures. Heating can be produced via modern tubular heaters, they have good heat output to electricity consumption so are therefore very efficient and ideal for this type of application.