Consumer Units

The heart of any electrical system will have a consumer unit (fuse box) feeding the circuits in your house. Fuses in them protect you from overloading your wiring and if any faults should develop the fuse will blow. The majority of houses are still using the old style rewireable fuse wire carrier type fuses. These are well outdated now and are not installed anymore. The fuses can be tricky to change for the homeowner needing a screwdriver and a good eye. Not very easy when a lighting circuit blows and no light is available!

Another type of consumer unit that has replaced rewireable fuses is the MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) type fuse board. These are much easier than using rewireable fuse boards as they have no wire to replace, they have a lever that will flick down if a fault or overload develops. Resetting is done by pushing the lever back up. This type of fuse board is in some form still used today, however with the introduction of the new 18th Edition Wiring Regulations, all new fuse boards contain RCD/RCBO & SPD if required for extra safety. If a fault develops or a person is getting an electric shock, an RCD will disconnect the supply in a matter of milliseconds, potentially saving a life.

Virtually every circuit in a house will now require RCD protection due to the guidelines set out in the 18th Edition. So now is a better time than ever to upgrade your current fuse board to protect your wiring and outlets. JR Electrical offer a wide range of consumer unit upgrades for your property. After installation we carry out a full electrical test of all the circuits in your property to ensure the new consumer unit will work safely with the wiring you have installed. This testing sheet is given to you and a Part P certificate is then issued to your home. We will also upgrade your Earthing system when we change your fuse board to bring it up to current standard.

We offer a variety of different RCD/RCBO with SPD protection if required consumer units to cater for your requirements/budget. Most electricians in the UK are fitting the Dual RCD type boards as they are the cheapest option, Or an all RCBO consumer unit as they are far more flexible than Dual RCD units but cost a little more. We can quote for both.