Bathroom Renovations

JR Electrical are often asked to carry out electrical renovation work in existing bathrooms or brand new install bathrooms in new build houses. With regards to electrical wiring regulations, a bathroom is considered to be a special location and therefore requires a number of safety measures to be adhered to. The use of RCD protected circuits, special accessories that are resistant to splashes of water and the use of timer extractor fans are all criteria that need to be taken into consideration. We can design and install every part of your bathroom project, from lighting, power, water pumps, heating and ventilation.

Modern day bathroom require special ventilation timer fans that have a 15 minute over run facility built in. This will allow condensation made from hot showers and baths to be extracted out. Usually we install low profile Xpelair fans to give an integrated feel. If a fan is preferred to be hidden away, an inline fan can be mounted in the loft with ducting to outside. This type of fan is particularly quiet when in operation and suitable for bathrooms near bedrooms e.g. en-suite bathrooms. A safety 3 pole isolator is fitted to allow you to turn off the supply to the fan for maintainance purposes (cleaning dust out the grill).

New electric showers are getting more and more powerful to compete with traditional hot water fed systems. A dedicated supply is always required for an electric shower powered directly from the consumer unit via a safety isolator. Typical 10.5KW showers systems require a 45 Amp electric supply. Also non electrical showers often require electric pumps to be fitted if your property has a gravity fed water supply to allow greater pressure for a more refreshing shower. A spur is usually fitted to power the pump.

Lighting in a bathroom is very important as most bathrooms are used when the natural light levels are low. Sunk in ceiling LED downlights are great for areas of use as well as for highlighting features you have. The particular IP65 downlighters we use are resistant to splashes of water and can be used directly above the shower area, condensation will not affect their performance. Bathroom mirrors with integrated lighting & speakers are also popular being able to provide a gentle light without having all the main lights on. Usually we wire a permenant feed to these so you can control the light from the mirrors integrated pullcord, Some of the newer mirrors we have fitted feature a infra red sensor that detects hand movements, this can be used to turn on the light instead of a pullcord switch.